At NOVA we understand that the learning experiences when school is in session cannot be simply replicated through a virtual learning program. In particular, the invaluable social interactions  that occur naturally between teachers and students, and amongst students cannot be recreated in the same way. Feedback and assessment of learning also work somewhat differently. Through our Virtual Learning program teachers have redesigned their units, lessons, so that they are engaging, interactive, and give students a sense of autonomy in their learning.


    Miss. Dijana's Class      
    Ms. Markovska's Class 
    Ms. Robeva's Class  
 Ms.Jashari's Class           
 Miss. Jessica's Class  
    Ms. Stevoska's Class    
      Ms. Smith's Class      
   Ms.Grncharoska's Class    
Ms. Jovanovski's class
   Ms. Babic's class
Ms. Novakoska's class   
   Ms. Jensen's class
Ms. Volkman's class     
   Ms. Slavkovska's class