We believe there is more to school life than academic study, and therefore, we offer a diverse and challenging SuperNOVA Athletics and Academic Program to our students, with opportunities for enrichment, skill development, and personal growth beyond those available in the classroom. The General SuperNOVA Program for academic 2022/23 can be found HERE.

The participation in the SuperNOVA Athletics and Activities Program is inclusive for all students, fully enrolled in grades 6-12, but is considered a privilege for students with acceptable academic and disciplinary standings. Attendance at practices and events is of paramount importance, and therefore, students should plan to commit substantial time when signing-up for teams.

Our SuperNOVA FALL season (PROGRAM HERE) will focus on outdoor athletics such as Soccer, Cross Country, and Tennis. The traditional FALL season academic activities such are Robotics for grades 6-8 and and Speech and Debate for grades 9-12 will be offered to students

Registration and Parental Consent

Use THIS FORM to register for all activities you would like to join, and note that the number of students who can join is capped, and we’ll follow first come, first served principle.

We expect all parents to sign a parental consent form (HERE) before their child(ren) join any of the activities.

Please feel free to contact our Athletics Director & Activities Coordinator, Mr. Goran Krkovski, for more info or details regarding this program via e-mail: goran.krkovski@nova.edu.mk or phone: + 389 2 3061 807; 3061 907 ext.114