Comprehensive and coordinated student support services are critically important for the social, emotional, and academic development of students. Student support services help foster positive relationships among educators and students, thereby increasing the students’ attachment to school, and thus serving as an essential link between students and their families, and school resources and community-based health and social services.

Comprehensive Counseling encomasses: 

  • Guidance Lessons

  • Responsive Services

  • Individual Student Planning

  • System Support 


Student Support Services Coordinator: 

Jana Shishkovska


Phone:  +38923061 807 ext.211


Center for Differentiated Learning (CDL) : 

  • assessment to identify learning needs

  • application of individualized learning plans

  •  in-class and one-to-one support.

  • regular monitoring to ensure effectiveness and student progress 


Learning support teachers: 

Ms. Ivana Pemper   


Phone: +38923061 807 ext.130

Office hours: Monday 11 am - 12 and with prior appointment 

  • Detecting the students’ learning needs

  • Developing Individual Learning Plans, according to a student's specific needs

  • Conducting specialist assessment referrals

  • Providing support within the classroom (push in) and outside of the classroom (pull out)

  • Motivating and guiding students to maximize their academic performance 

  • Paying attention to the students’ mental health and well-being in relation to their learning process


Ms. Marija Cvetkovic


Phone: +38923061 807 ext.217 

  • Collaborating and coordinating with the classroom MYP Math Teachers

  • Performing math skills’ scanning for a student with learning difficulties in math

  • Developing an Individual Learning Plan according to the student's specific needs

  • Providing math learning support for the students within the CDL department

  • Having an awareness and supporting the student’s emotional and social aspects

  • Communicating the learning progress with the student’s parents/guardians


Comprehensive Counseling for Lower Secondary (LSS)

Mr. James Villers


Phone: +389 2 3061-807 ext. 125

Office hours: per appointment 

Supporting students with their academic, social, and/or personal wellbeing, and working with parents and teachers on students’ behalf

  • Systemic support: social-emotional learning (SEL); advisory planning and support; transitions (Nova; ES>MS>HS)

  • Responsive support: available for any and all students and their families as issues may arise


Social and Emotional Counseling for Upper Secondary (USS)

Ms Mary Platz

Phone: +389 2 3061-807 ext. 129

Mobile: 072/209-708

Supporting students with their social, emotional and personal wellbeing. Working with parents and teachers to assist students in removing obstacles and supporting student success. 

  • Responsive Services: Student meets, walk-ins and scheduled appointments

  • Guidance Curriculum: Core Counseling Class - Personal Social Emotional Competencies

  • Systems Support: representing student interests in faculty working groups

  • Connecting:  Community resources for students and families


Academic Counseling for Upper Secondary(USS)

Olgica Gjorgjevska (grades 9 & 12)                        


Phone: +38923061807, ext 117

Irena Filkova (grades 10 & 11) 


Phone: +38923061807, ext.123  

Each academic counselor guides two cohorts of students from the start to the end of their Upper Secondary education (9-12). In addition to the academic counseling classes, students are entitled to a set number of individual sessions. 

NOVA’s academic counselors implement a comprehensive, grade-specific guidance counseling curriculum in the weekly Counseling classes (during Core or regular class time).  Academic counselors monitor the students' academic performance, deliver a curriculum which ensures the students' best academic fit, prepare and support them in their post-graduation plans, maintain active communication with and organize workshops for parents, students, and teachers. They also organize and host visits from university representatives for the students' benefit. 

  • Grade 9 - Academic Counseling classes start in S2, biweekly 

  • Grade 10 and 11 - Academic Counseling classes run year long, weekly

  • Grade 12 - Academic Counseling classes run until the end of S1, weekly, workshop style 

Grade-specific academic counseling topics are stated in the Counseling Agreement all students and parents are required to sign. 




The Nursing Team 

ES Nurse: 

Sandey Stayanoff MSN,BSN,DN,RN(+3 (897) 270-8896)USS & LSS nurse: 

Anastasija Andreeva RN (+38 (907) 135-6243)

Anila Gligorovska RN(+3 (897) 646-9610)

Contact info: 

  • Manage 2 daily acute care clinics

  • Student Health Forms and Data

  • Medications at School

  • When Your Child is Sick at School

  • Communication and Collaboration!