Nova Middle School places an emphasis on making sure that all students are happy, healthy and emotionally supported. We encourage students to make healthy eating choices with our tasty cafeteria choices. We encourage healthy bodies with our extracurricular and sports programs, and we encourage healthy life choices with our advisory program. Feel free to explore each topic in more detail:

Healthy Eating:

Our cafeteria uses only high quality ingredients to create tasty and healthy options for students. We offer a wide variety of options for students that are nutritious and delicious, such as chicken fajita wraps and vegetarian chapattis . We offer vegetarian options and are able to accommodate most dietary needs when given specific guidelines.

Healthy Bodies:

Students are encouraged to enjoy physical activity with our fun and interactive physical education and dance programs. Students learn the ins and outs of capture the flag, soccer and basketball in PE. They also learn the importance of team work, physical fitness and healthy choices. In dance class students have fun learning hip-hop dances, salsa and the waltz. They grow comfortable with what their bodies can do. We also offer a variety of after school sport activities, from fencing to track and field activities, we try to present a well rounded offering.

Healthy Minds:

Middle School is a time of great exploration for students. It is important to help student explore who they are. In that respect we offer a structured guidance program. Each student is given an adult advocate that works with them at school. This adult monitors their grades, absences and makes sure that the student is healthy and safe. These advisors also present topics to students about ant-bullying, study skills, organization and conflict resolution.