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Throughout NOVA High School’s history, the student-led body known as the Student Council has existed under many different structures and worked in different ways. Nonetheless, the Student Council has always fulfilled two main roles — to promote the interests of students, and to raise school spirit by way of student-organised events. By involving students in the organisation of school events and raising school spirit, the HS Student Council hopes to make students feel truly at home during their time at school. The aim is for students to form a deeper connection with the school, rather than simply see it as a place for learning. Apart from this, students who are a part of the Student Council have an opportunity to gain organisational skills, learn how to better work with others, and learn how to overcome unexpected obstacles. 

During the academic year of 2019/2020 the Student Council has worked under the following structure:

  • 2 Co-Presidents

  • 2 Representatives (Chairs) from each grade level

  • SC members at large

Recent Student Council goals have been focused on reviving interest in this student-body, and thus ensuring participation. This has been accomplished by including students more directly, into the Student Council’s organisation and decision making, as well as by holding regular weekly meetings with all SC members (usually on Wednesdays after classes). Moreover, the Student Council has organised various events specific to holidays such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day; it has also been raising funds to acquire a 3D printer, as well as working with Community Service groups to eliminate single-use plastics on campus.

Some of the members of the 2019/2020 Student Council during a regular weekly meeting.