Program Vision, Mission and Goals

The driving force behind NOVA’s Community Service and Service Learning Program is to engage students in developing positive roles by providing opportunities for them to become more active, compassionate, and socially aware citizens. The Program is designed as a framework for experiential learning, its main intent being to involve students in new roles, with emphasis on learning from the available experience.

NOVA Community Service and Service Learning Program  - Objectives

The Program aims to:

· Aid student learning through understanding of real-world issues, engagement, practice and reflection;

· Impact global issues on a local level, through direct service that is meaningful and needed;

· Increase civic and citizenship awareness;

· Develop a broader context for student (social-emotional) learning;

· Empower students to become active citizens!

During Community Service Class students will: 

- Assess personal interests, skills and assets

- Identify areas that require action

-  Focus on issues

- Explore Social Responsibilities

- Choose a short-term individual service project

- Move from Concern to Action

- Reflect on the service learning experience

- Present and evaluate the projects

- Explore ways to measure impact

- Analyze the results of the Service Experience

- Service fair – celebrating accomplishments

During Semester 1 students are expected to initiate, plan, organize and reflect on one service learning project of their choice. Students will be divided in groups of 4 – 5 students with each having a distinct role. In class students will closely work with their teacher in finding appropriate, meaningful, and manageable service project, especially related to cases that require immediate attention, and work on designing an action plan. After the project is finished, students will explore various ways to reflect upon and evaluate their experience. At the very end, they will present their project to their peers, and will be granted a Passing or Failing grade. Semester 2 mirrors Semester 1, but with different groups and a different project.

Reporting student’s progress

Student’s progress is reported in the Progress Reports and Report Cards, using a Pass/Fail distinction:

·       P* (Pass) - students meeting the minimum requirements and whose work includes a small scale project with no measurable impact observed.

·       P* (Pass with merit) - students whose work includes a small scale project and some impact is measured.

·       P* (Pass with distinction) - students who have put forth effort and have involved different stakeholders. The impact is noticeable, and the the accomplishment is visible and celebrated.

·       F* (Fail) for students failing to meet the minimum requirements

·       I* (Incomplete) for students failing to meet the minimum requirement due to valid reasons.

* These marks do not affect the student’s GPA.

An F* will be recorded on the student’s transcript if he/she does not meet the minimum CS/SL program requirements at the end of the school year.

More information can be obtained from the Community Service and Service Learning Program Coordinator Ms. Zorica Stamenkovska (