Service learning is a teaching method that combines academic instruction, meaningful service, and reflective thinking to enhance student learning and civic responsibility. It allows students to learn and develop skills and behaviors through participation in community service experiences that meet actual community needs.

Program Vision, Mission and Goals

The driving force behind NOVA’s Community Service and Service Learning Program is to engage students in developing positive roles by providing opportunities for them to become more active, compassionate, and socially aware citizens. The Program is designed as a framework for experiential learning, its main intent being to involve students in new roles, with emphasis on learning from the available experience.

The Program aims to:

· Aid student learning through understanding of real-world issues, engagement, practice and reflection;

· Impact global issues on a local level, through direct service that is meaningful and needed;

· Increase civic and citizenship awareness;

· Develop a broader context for student (social-emotional) learning;

· Empower students to become active citizens!