Dear Secondary School students and families,

In what hopefully proves itself out to be a most rewarding and engaging kind of an academic year, my team and I are looking forward to having you join us for what we are calling a year of trust-building and collaborative learning. As a division, we have many small and big wins ahead of us - including encircling our MYP accreditation and DP re-accreditation, respectively. Amidst all of this good planning and curricular goal implementation, our aim is to have students feel comfortable and welcomed in their time with us, particularly as for many of them this would mark a new chapter in their respective academic journeys (joining the MYP or joining the DP), as well as first time with in-person learning after many months of virtual or blended learning modalities. With that in mind, we are adjusting our timetable to ensure that students have enough time to hit pause, connect, engage with after school activities, while remaining safe and vigilant of the protocols we need to follow. 

On that note, please keep an eye out for our weekly Wednesday communication, make sure you activate your own Alma and Managebac profiles, and feel free to check out our Information desk for recordings of any meetings you may have missed, or would like to take a closer look at. 




Bela Gligorova, PhD

Secondary School Principal 

NOVA Secondary School Information Desk