Dear Secondary School students and families,

Welcome to what I hope will be a most rewarding year for you, as individual learners and NOVA community members. My team and I are looking forward to the many gifts ahead, including a stable and safe year of continuous in-person learning, with many meaningful reasons to celebrate. Now that we have completed one key milestone (MYP accreditation and DP reaccreditation), we are focused on ensuring that our learners and faculty deepen the value of inquiry-based learning by being afforded multiple opportunities to problem solve and connect with the world around them through the emblems of the IB programmes, be it interdisciplinary units, service learning, the personal project or TOK and CAS integration. At the same time, we aim to afford our staff a chance to self-identify long-term professional learning goals, hence following with our motto that learning can (and should) take place throughout our life-long journeys. 

On that note, as part of my fourth year leading this division, I remain energized by the wonderful team we have (administrative and instructional), and their continuous commitment to your children’s (and to each other’s) well-being, within and without the classroom.

Finally, please keep an eye out for our Secondary School Newsletter, make sure you activate your own Alma and Managebac profiles, and feel free to check out our Information desk for past recordings or access to other helpful resources.


Bela Gligorova, PhD

Secondary School Principal