Diploma Programme (DP): Introduced in 2006, the DP, as an academically rigorous program, has graduated 15 cohorts, fostering the characteristics of the IB Learner Profile.

Middle Years Programme (MYP): Nova Secondary is an MYP candidate school. Courses offered under this model include: Language and Literature (English,
Albanian, and Macedonian), Language Acquisition (French, German, and Spanish), Mathematics, Individuals and Societies,Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts, Physical Education, and
Design. MYP students participate in Service as Action every year of the program. Additionally, all MYP students complete a Personal Project in the final year of the program (Grade 10).

Classes differentiate into four performance levels. As of 2010-11, MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) test results are considered for placing incoming students; as of 2013-2014, PSAT and AP Potential results are also factored in. The levels include:

International Baccalaureate (IB):

Introduced in 2006, the Diploma Programme IB courses at NOVA are part of an academically rigorous college bound IB Diploma Program for the internationally minded students.

Advanced Placement (AP):

Introduced in 2001, there are over 20 AP courses offered. AP courses are preparatory or university level courses that may earn student’s college credit at North-American, Western European and Australian universities.

Honors/Advanced (H/Adv): Students scheduled at this level have demonstrated distinct aptitude and skill within this rigorous academic program. The curriculum includes the application of independent study and individual research work. Currently courses in the subject areas of English, Mathematics, PE, Art; Biology, Chemistry, Physics are offered at this level.

Regular (R): The regular curriculum emphasizes mastery of academic skills relevant to an appropriate grade level and incorporates a variety of enrichment activities (field work). Over 60 courses are offered at this level, including those that have no Regular/Honors distinction (Social Sciences in years 9 and 10, Foreign Languages, Native Languages in years 9 and 10, Fine and Performing Arts, Information and Communication Technology, PE).