ATL Skills:

The goal of the ATL skills in the IB program is to create lifelong learners.  These skills are built upon each year through careful integration and tracking. Teachers create assessments that require students to demonstrate ATL skills through interdisciplinary and disciplinary performance-based assessments.  Students are asked to use what they know to demonstrate larger understandings.  


Assessment in the MYP is first and foremost a tool of communication between students, teachers, and parents/guardians. Assessment is used to help students grow their knowledge and skills, while building lifelong learners through continuous feedback. The aims of the IB and Nova is to foster internationally minded students who are creative and critical thinkers, able to take principled risks, and who are knowledgeable about the world around them. To that aim, we strive to create authentic assessments that emphasize problem solving and creative thinking skills.  These skills are developed through clear communication of expectations and connections to the real world. For more information on assessment please refer to our assessment policy.

Academic Honesty:

Academic honesty is a central tenet of the MYP program.  Academic honesty skills are explicitly taught beginning in grade 6 and are embedded into every assignment.  Please carefully read our academic honesty policy.