Dear NOVA Secondary School students and families,

Thank you for embarking on a most transformative journey with us this academic year (2020-2021). Indeed, globally, we are all experiencing a once in a lifetime kind of a shift, both in terms of academic achievements and social responsibility. In our little corner, we are also happy to be starting our first year as a Middle Years Programme (MYP) school candidate, working closely with you, and our team, to ensure a safe and meaningful implementation of this key curricular framework. As you may be aware, our HS division has been the privileged to be a part of the IB Diploma Programme family since 2006, helping matriculate 14 cohorts thus far. Thus, our focus on creating sustainable and inclusive links across all of our school’s grade levels - 6-12 - remains a priority. 

On a personal note, my team and I remain committed to providing safe and meaningful learning opportunities for all of our students, be they in the distance learning or blended learning models. At present, with so many variables that are out of our immediate or personal control due to the ongoing pandemic, the one thing we can stipulate with certainty is our continuous efforts at supporting our students in having a worth their while year of learning and growth. Wishing us all a meaningful academic year ahead!



Bela Gligorova, PhD

Secondary School Principal 

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