Nova International Schools Middle School is a coeducational institution rooted in best practice.  Students in grade 5-8 (ages 10-14) take part in a dynamic and inquiry based education from quality, qualified teachers.  Our curriculum is based on the Massachusetts learning standards which have been adopted to reflect the international community. We are a dynamic community of international and host national families.


Middle school is a unique time in a student’s life.  Students are rapidly changing and growing, and they leave middle school often bearing little physical resemblance to who they were when they arrived.  All of our teachers are either native speakers or highly fluent in English.  All instruction is in English and all teachers hold appropriate degrees.  More so, all teachers have received training in the physical and emotional needs of the early adolescent, and use these trainings to help the form and guide their instruction.  Teachers take part in frequent reviews of best teaching practices and brain research to assure that their instruction is in line with the developing adolescent ability.  All of our middle school teachers attend trainings and refresher courses on developmental physiology and psychology to best serve the needs of our population. 


The new purpose-built facility which houses all three divisions – the Early Education Center, the Elementary School and Middle School - is spacious and filled with sunlight and warm colors. The classrooms, corridors and public areas were designed to be provocative and challenging, inspiring students to explore and learn. This innovative design has won the 2010 Annual Grand Prix Award from the Association of Macedonian Architects. Classrooms open to the outside, where there are ample green areas and a safe playground with a climbing frame. There is also an outdoor basketball court and small soccer field. The building is ecologically sound, including a green roof with sustainable plants that use the rainwater, act as insulation and cut down radiation reflected into adjacent classroom windows. Living trees and plants that change from season to season grow in gardens in the atrium and amphitheater area. Our new, award-winning building is just another reason why NOVA students love to come to school. 


Nova Middle School is a diverse and interesting place to be!  We derive 60 percent of our population form the international community and 40 percent from the host nation.  Our students take part in multiple social learning initiatives throughout the year.  We take care to educate students on the dangers of peer pressure, bullying and attempt to interest them in the world around us.  We look at modern social issues through an age appropriate lens and ask students to find solutions to global problems.  Students are active in our Go Green Team, community service initiatives and in school programs. 


Our faculty is a mixture of international and host national staff members.  Several of our teacher hold Master’s degrees or higher and all of our teacher are highly qualified.  Internal reviews and professional goal setting ensure that our faculty is one of lifelong learners, who model through their own pursuit of education, the skills and qualities we wish to reinforce in our student population.  Teachers take part in small group professional reading groups throughout the year, on and off site professional development, and university courses.