Hot Meal 

The majority of Elementary and Lower Secondary School (grades 6-8) students sign up for our Hot Meal menu, and they thoroughly enjoy the choice of tasty dishes prepared by our Cafeteria staff. Each year we try to make changes and improvements taking into consideration the commendations and recommendations provided by students, parents, faculty and staff.

If you decide not to take advantage of our meal plan for your elementary child, please prepare suitable food for him/her to bring from home. We believe Elementary School children are too young to handle money and may not make healthy choices therefore we do not allow younger students to buy their own meals. Secondary School students will still be allowed to purchase food and drinks on their own.

During risk level 2 (blended learning model) based on the risk assessment matrix, the Hot Meal for students in grades Pk3-5 will be served in the classrooms. All Hot Meals will be served in a sealed plastic container together with single use utensils.

Please look at the Hot Meal menu options provided below. All foods are selected based on their nutritional value and delicious taste. Soda drinks, candy, and foods with preservatives or high concentration in HFCS (high‐fructose corn syrup) are excluded.

For the Hot Meal they can choose one of two hot meal options for each day of the week, which rotate on a four-week basis.

The cost of the Hot Meal plan is 450 euro (subject to change), and of the Snack Meal plan is 115 euro (subject to change) per semester. Please sign-up by filling out the on-line form, or submitting a filled-out contract. For any issues regarding menu selection or payment information, please see Ms. Emilija Bumbaroska, our Budgets and Fees Coordinator, in HS administration, or contact her by e-mail:, or phone: 3061-807 ext. 119. 

PK Breakfast Menu sign up form

PK Breakfast Menu 2021-22

K-5  Snack Menu sign up form

K-5 Snack Menu 2021-22

PK-12 Hot Meal sign up form 

PK-12 Hot Meal Menu 2021-22

Hot meal, snack and breakfast contract (2021-22)

Hot meal, snack and breakfast contract (2021-22) Macedonian

Menu – meal offer for parents and staff 

Menu – meal offer for staff and secondary school students - Downloadable Menu Offer