Tutoring Procedures

  • Student Support Services staff member or homeroom/subject teacher identifies the need for a tutor OR the parent approaches the teacher/principal with a request for a tutor.

  • Principal determines the best match for student (preference given to teachers that do not currently teach student).  Only after lack of other available options is the respective teacher considered as a tutor.The principal notifies the tutor to arrange the days and times OR refers the tutor to the parents to come to an agreement of days and times.

    • The referring teacher talks with the tutor to explain what is needed.

  • The principal keeps an updated list of students being tutored in their division.

  • ES&MS teachers tutor from 3pm onwards, HS teachers from 4pm.

Academic Assistance 

The purpose of academic assistance is to provide support for students (Grades 4-12) who have fallen behind academically, or who struggle at home with access to technology.  

Academic assistance has been developed to support both teachers and students in our shared mission. Teachers will refer students to the program on either a short or long term basis.  Students who are referred have missed multiple assignments, turned in poor quality or incomplete work consistently, or are in danger of failing the course. Students whose parents indicate that they do not have access to the internet or computers at home may receive a referral from the administration.

Academic assistance is:

  1. A proctored assignment session

  2. A quiet place to learn with access to the internet and technology

  3. A teacher referred program 

Academic assistance is not:

  1. A tutoring session

  2. A hang out place

  3. A punishment


Referral Process 

Teacher responsibilities:

  1. Meet with students to discuss missing assignment, create a plan for completion during academic assistance

    1. Set clear expectations

    2. Be available for clarification of difficult concepts before the start of the process

  2. Contact Parents through email.  CC division principal.

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Create a plan for completion with assigning teacher

  2. Arrive on time with all materials

  3. Ask assigning teacher for clarification on assignments before assistance starts 


Natasa Kardula natasa.kardula@nova.edu.mk 

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