NOVA School will provide each new student with one Student ID card and one Parent ID card free of charge.

Parents can additionally order a maximum of  2 ID cards. The additional ID cards can be: 

  • Parent ID card: parents only;

  • Helper ID card: grandparents, drivers, nannies. A Helper ID card must be requested by the parent/guardian registered in the school’s information system. 

The cost of the additional Parent and the Helper ID card is 10 euros each.

In case a family loses an ID card, a replacement card can be ordered with a cost of 10 euros. Before a new card is issued, the lost card must be reported to security (, who will need to deactivate it from the school’s system of records. Orders of new cards need to be also placed through ID badge request form, with the following information: full name of parent/guardian/helper, child(ren) at NOVA including current grade levels, and  the type of card requested: an additional card or a replacement one (parent, student or helper).  For payments please contact our Fees Coordinator Ms. Emilija Bumbaroska ( and 3061-807 ext. 119) or execute payment using our on-line payment portal.  

Once a student either graduates or disenrolled from the school, all NOVA ID cards linked to the particular student will be deactivated.