The high school at NOVA International is a leading independent day school in Skopje, Macedonia, offering co-educational college preparatory curriculum in grades 9-12. The language of instruction is English. The school is best known as a thriving community of learners, where students from many different countries are exposed to talented educators.


Our campus is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Located in a safe residential area just 3 km (1.8 miles) from the city center, the high school has received numerous architectural awards and acclaims for its functional use of space. It offers its students full wireless connectivity, multiple computer labs, general classrooms and science labs, specialty art, drama and music studios, an indoor auditorium, a dedicated high school library, a full-service cafeteria, a fitness gym and photography lab. The outdoor area includes recreational surfaces, an open auditorium and a sports court.  The School uses an adjacent sports and recreational center for its physical education classes and for bigger events and competitions. The School also uses university science labs for advanced lab work.


We are family to students from more than 40 nations and many more cultures. Macedonian students that comprise the predominant group are also ethnically diverse. They add another level of diversity to the school’s international focus. The student to faculty ratio is 6:1. 


NOVA students are exposed to qualified and caring educators with vast cross-cultural experience. NOVA teachers are certified and hold advanced degrees in their respective fields. The school encourages faculty members to see themselves as lifelong learners and their education as a never-ending learning cycle. The school leadership assists faculty members in seeking professional development opportunities such as conferences, seminars, and workshops throughout the year. The student to faculty ratio is 6:1