We have implemented a weekly guidance and counseling program, starting with our:

  • Grade 9 - second semester, every other week for 50 minutes,
  • Grade 10 - both Fall and Spring Semesters, every other week for 50 minutes, 
  • Grades 11 - both semesters, once a week 
  • Grade 12 - Fall Semester: applicants to holistic systems; spring semester: applicants to credential-driven systems, once a week.  
The Counseling module is taught usually in 3-4 different sections (20-25 students each), by the guidance teach (each counselor work with a single cohort):
Grades 9 and 10: what kind of a student experience would benefit the individual, while learning to work as part of a team (emphasis on service learning, and purposeful academics; the hurdle of standardized testing). 
Grades 11 and 12: learning how to map out and reflect on personal goals (summer programs, internships, research projects, community outreach projects). Monthly: parents workshops for Grade 12 parents, focus on different application pathways and the parental role in each.