The academic grade is a measure of the student's academic achievement. The following weighted alpha/numerical grading scale is most commonly used:

  A+ 13 AP students are automatically added an extra point to every letter grade.
97-100 A+ 12 Outstanding work demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the curriculum.
93-96 A 11
90-92 A- 10
87-89 B+ 9 –źverage performance demonstrating a good grasp of the curriculum.
83- 86 B 8
80-82 B- 7
77-79 C+ 6 Average performance demonstrating a satisfactory working knowledge of the curriculum.
73-76 C 5
70-72 C- 4
67-69 D+ 3 Below-average performance demonstrating minimum knowledge required for passing.
63-66 D 2
60-62 D- 1
<60 F 0

Unsatisfactory performance demonstrating insufficient knowledge and inability to meet minimum course requirements. No course credit earned.

  I 0

Incomplete. Course work has not been completed. A student has two weeks after the end of the term to complete the course requirements. If work is not completed within that time and an extension is not granted  for valid reasons, the I-mark automatically becomes an F.

All IB and AP courses carry an additional 1 point weight in calculating the student’s running Grade Point Average (GPA). If a student in an AP or IB course receives a letter mark of B- (7), when calculating the overall average for the quarter, year, or all four years, one point will be added to his B- letter grade. Therefore, the student receives 8 points (7+1) for this AP/IB course. This adjustment is automatic and does not entail any grading adjustments by the instructor. It will only affect the student’s running or cumulative grade point average when they are calculated by the school.

A semester grade is calculated at the end of each semester by averaging 40 percent of each quarter grade and 20 percent of the semester final exam. Final grades for a full year are determined by averaging the two semester grades. The final grade for a half-year course is the same as the semester grade. Grade point averages are calculated on a 12-point weighted scale as indicated above.


Students enrolled in Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, any foreign language level I and II must complete the year with an overall average of 70 (grade C-) or better in order to progress to the next course in the sequence as required for graduation. If the student does not attain a final grade of 70 (grade C-) or above, it will be necessary for the student to attend an approved summer remedial course and complete the course with an average of 70 (grade C-) or better. Under exceptional circumstances, with approval of the Director, a student can be tutored in the subject with the understanding that, prior to the fall registration, the student will be reexamined and must achieve an average of 73 (grade C) or better in order to take the next course. Students in any honors course must maintain an average of 73 (grade C) or better to continue honors placement for the following year.