Dear NOVA EMS Community of Learners, 

It is an honor to be your new EMS Principal and I am looking forward to an exciting year of learning, growth, and collaboration.  I am bringing with me 25 years of experience in education with 14 of those years spent in international schools as a teacher, and a principal.  Education is a passion of mine that began at a young age when I was exploring the natural world around me and wondering why things were they way they were and how they worked.  I knew when I first became a teacher that change needed to happen in education in order to make learning fun, meaningful, and relevant. I have been on a journey to make that happen since.

Our goal at NOVA is to provide all students with a rich learning environment and my vision as your principal is to always put children first. My belief is that all children can learn and it is up to us to give them that opportunity.  As educators, it is our responsibility to discover how each student learns best and to strive to differentiate our instruction in order to address the many varied learning styles in the classroom. My hope is to open a sense of wonder and  instill a love of learning in each child in order to send them off to become stewards of our world. I want each child to come to school every day excited and ready to learn knowing they are in a positive, safe, caring, and fun environment to do so.  

School success depends on the trust, collaboration, and partnerships we build within our school community. It truly does take a village!  It is my belief that education is a joint venture between home and school in order to support children in meeting their learning goals; as well as, supporting their social/emotional needs throughout their development.  With home and school working together as a team, our children will grow to be lifelong learners, and problem solvers, who we hope will impact our future in positive ways through their actions and their voice. I am looking forward to a great and productive year and I hope you will join me on this amazing journey together at NOVA.  

Together in education,

Ms. Stacy J. Sherman