The NOVA faculty is skillful at teaching in ways that accommodate different student learning styles and skill levels. Developmentally appropriate hands-on activities, individual, group and whole class instruction, projects, demonstrations, experiments, role playing, performances, exhibits and field trips are all used in elementary school. Students receive instruction in Literacy, Numeracy and IPC Units of Study daily. They also have weekly Art, Music, Dance and Physical Education. Macedonian Language or Macedonian Culture and Language are scheduled three times a week, depending on language proficiency.

Meaningful home learning that reinforces the lessons taught during the day, and connects to the overall theme that students are learning about is assigned. This could be baking bread at the weekend, finding photos of family weddings and discussing traditions in home countries or carrying out some independent research on a science topic. The amount and complexity of home learning is appropriate for each grade level. Students are also expected to read every night.


NOVA is a student-centered elementary school where we honor all stages of a child’s progress. We understand that students learn along a continuum of skills and develop in a specific manner as they mature. Our assessments are developmentally appropriate for each grade level. Many different assessment tools are used to chart growth, such as: continuums, rubrics, self-assessments, peer-assessments, portfolios, checklists, performances and tests. Beginning EAL students are often assessed differently until their proficiency is high enough for them to express the knowledge and skills they’ve learned in written or spoken form.

Standards for Assessment:

Literacy Standards (CCSS)

Numeracy Standards (CCSS)

Integrated Studies

Art Standards

Music Standards

Dance Standards

PE Standards