NOVA Elementary School is an independent, co-educational international school comprised of Grade 1 through to Grade 5. In line with the vision for the whole school, we aim to to nurture our learners’ creative strengths, encourage them to find their own sense of purpose, and pursue their passions, while preparing them to accomplish their goals and affect positive change in society. Our students come from all around globe as well as Macedonia. The same can be said of our faculty, which is made up of both highly qualified and experienced international and host-country teachers. All instruction is delivered in English with Macedonian Language and Macedonian Culture and Language being offered to our elementary students too. The curriculum is based around the child-centred ‘International Primary Curriculum’ which is used by over 1000 schools worldwide.  We also use the US Common Core Standards as a reference for both Literacy and Numeracy.


The purpose-built facility which houses all three divisions – the Early Education Center, the Elementary School and Middle School - is spacious and filled with sunlight and warm colors. Living trees and plants that change from season to season grow in gardens in the atrium and amphitheater area. The classrooms, corridors and public areas were designed to be provocative and challenging, inspiring students to explore and learn. The building is ecologically sound, including a green roof with sustainable plants that use the rainwater, act as insulation and cut down radiation reflected into adjacent classroom windows. Our award-winning building is just one more reason why NOVA students love to come to school.


We are a family of different countries and cultures. Our student body is fairly evenly balanced between international students, from over 40 countries, and the local community. The Macedonian students are ethnically mixed and add another level of diversity to the school community. All students are valued and encouraged to share and take pride in their heritage. As educators we understand the unique advantages and challenges of raising children abroad.


The NOVA faculty is a team of dedicated, gifted and caring educators from around the world. They hold appropriate degrees and certification in their various subject areas. Our teachers have significant cross-cultural educational experience and can individualize instruction to suit student needs. NOVA encourages all faculty members to be lifelong learners by continuously updating their knowledge and skills of pedagogy and curriculum.