At NOVA we understand that the learning experiences when school is in session cannot be simply replicated through a virtual learning program. In particular, the invaluable social interactions  that occur naturally between teachers and students, and amongst students cannot be recreated in the same way. Feedback and assessment of learning also work somewhat differently. Through our Virtual Learning program teachers have redesigned their units, lessons, so that they are engaging, interactive, and give students a sense of autonomy in their learning. Here is an example of a well balanced virtual learning program, which includeds both synchronous and asynchronous approaches. 


I’m happy to report at the end of another successful week. We were finally able to welcome our grade 4 and 5 learners, and with that have all of our Elementary students on campus, an important achievement. We’re now setting our focus on the Secondary division. By the end of next week you can expect a decision by the Crisis Management Team in regards to bringing grades 6 through 8 on campus. In the meantime, we will continue our distance learning support for Elementary School students that have remained home, and the whole grade 6-12 cohort. We’ve already began collecting feedback as to how our first three weeks of learning have gone, in the hopes we can learn and adapt. Should you receive a survey request, please make sure you respond, so your feedback is taken into consideration.

On the Elementary School side, our arrival and dismissal procedures have proven very effective. We can report that families have followed through on our screening requirements, and students on campus on safety protocols. This has allowed teachers to direct their primary focus on learning, instead of enforcing protocols. In the Secondary School the advisory support at the beginning of the day has served as an anchor to a student's day. We just had our first Community meet to underscore this important role for grades 6-8, helping parents understand how they can better utilize this important resource. This last Wednesday’s Community day was all about movement - celebrating a heart/mind connection, in line with our mission statement. On the following link you can see how the day unfolded. Starting from next week, we’re excited to introduce our Math Enrichment classes, to further build on student numeracy skills.