After School Day care Program

A fun and convenient way to provide care for your child after school.

Program: NOVA’s day care program is designed to provide fun and relaxing after-school supervision for students from PK3, PK4 and K to accommodate parents’ busy schedules and long working hours. These students cannot remain on campus after 14:20 unless they are enrolled in the Day care program.

Time: Monday through Friday from 14:30 to 16:30. Parents can pick up their child at any time during this period. 

Location: The program will be held in one of the Early Education Center classrooms. The outdoor playground, weather permitting, and indoor gym will also be utilized.

Prepayment Schedule:

Days per week






€ 60

€ 140

€ 155

€ 170

Payment information is available in our accountant’s office.

Enrollment and Payment:  Please fill out the form on the back and return it to the Fees and Budgets Office.

Activities: Students will be supervised by a day care teacher. Activities such as games, crafts, free play, viewing videos, story time, and outdoor activities will be provided. The teacher will also be available to support students with their homework and studies.

Snack: A healthy snack and drink will be provided on a daily basis, which will be selected from the regular snack menu provided by the cafeteria.

Application Form

Online Application Form