On the following LINK you can access useful counseling resources for learners and parents. 

The counseling team offer the following forms of support:

Guidance Lessons

Guidance lessons are taught twice a month in the Elementary School and weekly in the Middle School. These lessons focus on the social emotional learning of students.

Responsive Services

Responsive Services are activities designed to provide support for a student’s mental health and social/emotional well-being. personal circumstances, concerns or problems interfering with a student’s educational progress and social and/or emotional health.   This school counseling component is available to all students and is often student-initiated.

Individual Student Planning

Most student planning occurs in the Middle School and High School years when students meet with the counselors to determine courses to take as well as future career and college plans.

Systems Support

We are currently in the process of auditing our school counseling program in order to understand how we can better serve our student population.