The Center for Differentiated Learning at Nova exists to enable every child to learn and reach their full potential.  We understand that students learn differently and may need individual or small group instruction to meet these needs.  The CDL provides a variety of programs that approach education in a multisensory way.  The aim of each of these programs is to help every child experience success in the classroom, teaching learning strategies that lead to independent learners.  The support of the center extends beyond these programs as we work closely with teachers, parents and administrators to help every child develop confidence, enjoy learning and reach their full potential.

The CDL works with students who have mild to moderate special learning needs. Its aim is to match a student’s abilities and needs with a program that will help the child achieve his/her full potential. 

The process involves three main steps: identification and testing, the creation and application of an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) and the systematic monitoring of student progress. A Child Study team is formed of teachers who are responsible for the student, as well as the principal and school psychologist. This group carries out these three steps. The  Center offers in-class support, and one-on-one customized tutoring.

As the Center is limited in resources and personnel, it is dependent on the financial support of those who utilize its services. Therefore there are fees for the administration of psychometric assessment tools, which aid in identifying specific needs, and for the individualized support program for the student. The fees will be discussed with the parents at the time when the child enters the program. All funds are used to develop the resources of the Center for Differentiated Learning.

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