Blended and Distance Learning



In our efforts to consider extending the school day for our ES students, we have shared a survey with ES parents. Once we solicit interest, and provided Covid-19 numbers continue to improve, we hope to provide this school day extension starting from Monday, May 17th.  

On the Secondary front, we’re also working on encouraging a greater student on-campus presence, as we believe conditions provide for it. Secondary leadership will soon be reaching out to solicit feedback by families of grade 9-11 students, who would like their children to continually come to campus, compared to families who would prefer their children remain in DL until the year’s end. 

Though IB exams have been cancelled for this year (May 2021), our AP students are ready to sit for their May exams (offered by the College Board, as in-person as well as digital exams). The AP Coordinator, Ms. Perunovska, and our admin team are ready to support students sitting in-person exams. We wish them excellent results, come July 2021. 

Latest updates on the Covid-19 pandemic