Blended and Distance Learning



Let us remind you that if you have any questions or concerns you can always direct them to the Health and Safety Committee ( We try to respond within an ambitious timeframe realizing the welfare of community members takes precedent. We’ve expanded our return to campus policy, allowing students to remain in quarantine for a total of 20 days since first contact with the infectious person, in order to come back to school without a PCR test. 

In order to ensure proper ventilation of classrooms, while managing indoor air quality, we’re going to be introducing a second air purifier into classrooms, during the heating season. This will allow for windows to be open for at least 10-15 minute, at the beginning of each class. We performed an internal study on how to best manage classroom air quality, to arrive at this conclusion.

This is probably the year when we need to reconsider all of our social engagements and family gatherings, as the latest wave of infections has been primarily driven by such activity. Although this might be very difficult, consider it as an investment in future such celebrations. The vaccine is here, but now the challenge remains to ensure we remain healthy until we have access to it. 

Latest updates on the Covid-19 pandemic