Blended and Distance Learning



I’m happy to report that at yesterday's CMT meeting we were able to reach a consensus on the school's preparedness to welcome all grade 9-12 students back on campus for in-person learning, starting from this Monday, September 20th. We believe in light of how the first four weeks of schooling have been conducted and the currently declining covid-19 numbers, we’re provided with a window of opportunity to bring all students back on campus. At the same time, we plan to remain vigilant and closely track both the epidemiological situation in our wider community and in our school in order to decide on next steps. As we invite all Upper Secondary students back on campus, we would like to hear from those families that plan on keeping their children in DL. If you are one of those families whose children will continue with DL, please fill out the following FORM, so we know in what classes faculty would need to continue streaming their class to students remaining home. 

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