Blended and Distance Learning



I’m happy to report that at this week’s Crisis Management Team meeting, it was decided to complete the school’s reopening process by welcoming grade 11 students (yellow cohort) back on campus starting this Monday, March 8, and grade 12 students (grey cohort) next Monday, March 15. Details about the re-entry protocols and procedures should have already been shared with grade 11 students and will be shared with grade 12 students prior to their return to campus.

We thank everyone that reached out, and have shared their perspectives on our school reopening efforts. We fully understand the incredibly challenging times we’re living in, especially when parents try to make a decision whether to have their child(ren) return to school or remain home. These decisions are only more complicated when considering the currently worsening epidemiological situation. We however believe that this might be our remaining window of opportunity to invite our oldest learners back on campus, while making this experience meaningful for them. Decisions could be potentially reversed if conditions continue to deteriorate, or a city or country wide-lockdown is enacted. 

Our current blended learning model allows for families to opt for the model they would be most comfortable with. If a student and their family feel more comfortable remaining in DL for the foreseeable future, we would keep ensuring that they feel supported and that their learning is not impacted. However we feel equally compelled to provide this opportunity for families that are eager to have their children come for some in-person learning.

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