Dear Prospective Parents,

We use a tiered tuition model, with two levels of tuition Regular and Reduced.

The level of tuition assessed depends on the student’s citizenship, with Regular tuition being apportioned to international citizens, and Reduced tuition to native Macedonian citizens. A student’s tuition status is based on the information received by filling out the aplication form. If a prospective international family is unable to meet the assessed tuition and fees, they can fill out a Request for Tuition Discount, obtained from administration, and provide accompanying documents. The school will make every effort to quickly process and determine the level of tuition and fees required from that family.

Please note that the school does not intend to adversely affect an international family’s ability to attend NOVA. Quite the contrary, the school believes each international family enriches its community, and this will be a significant factor driving tuition assessment.

Feel free to contact the school’s Tuition Coordinator, should you have any questions or comments in regards to the school’s tuition model and assessment policy.