We are happy to announce that the Virtual ASA program will start on Monday September 14th. Even in these challenging times in the pandemic, we believe there is more to school life than studying only. We are committed to continue the tradition of ASA and continue to offer a vast range of activities to our students. We hope that the offered activities will complement your learning day.

The traditional ASA Fair can't be held due to the new Covid - 19 related circumstances and distance protocols. Please watch the ASA & Language Institute video presentation for a chance to hear from the instructors and their assistants more specifically about their activity.


A paid, virtual after school activities plan for NOVA students, see schedule below for details.


Please see the calendar below, with Google Meet links inside. All you have to do is click the link at the time of the activity and join the Google Meet.


For Participants:

- Check out the schedule of virtual activities listed on the schedule.

- Determine which ones you would like to participate in, then you need to sign by filling out the form HERE, or contact the instructor directly.

- At the scheduled time of activity, click the link in the schedule to join the live virtual session.

- The organizer (instructor) will be the only one able to access audio. You can send chat messages during the activity to the group or specific individuals, unless instructed otherwise by the instructor.

- Enjoy the activities!

The Virtual ASA classes start at 3.30 pm after school classes.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact our ASA Program Coordinator, Todor Dosevski at todor.dosevski@nova.edu.mk, and thank you for your continued support of NOVA’s ASA program.

Virtual ASA Schedule

Philosophy of work              

From our perspective, a well-rounded education cannot simply be accomplished in the classroom. The learning does not end when classes are over.

NOVA International schools offer a varied program of After School Activities (ASA) throughout the school year.  It covers a variety of sports, games and activities. Its purpose is to improve young people’s motivation, increase self-esteem and confidence, develop new skills and ultimately help them become better learners. These are non-competitive activities offered to all NOVA students, intended to meet their interests and needs.

Incorporating activity into one’s lifestyles has a wide array of benefits encompassing the physical, social and mental well being of the student. Getting students involved in sports can be a good way of keeping children busy and active.

After School Activities are supervised by teachers, teacher assistants and volunteer parents, and are great opportunities to meet new friends, learn new skills and explore and develop new talents.

We believe that our students who are involved in NOVA’s ASA program will benefit in a number of ways.

Objectives / Aims

  • To help students acquire a range of physical skills in addition to those included in the regular program;

  • To promote awareness and understanding of an active lifestyle;

  • To develop acceptable social and sporting attitudes;

  • A less formal environment can also help build new relationship with teachers;

  • To resolve conflicts peacefully;

  • To play with integrity and honesty;

We are pleased to present the semester calendar of activities:

ASA Policies and Procedures

Registration for ASA

Information on individual activities:

ART Club

Chess Club 

Scouts Club


Hip Hop



ES Karate

Drama Club

Macedonian Language for Parents

Macedonian Language Grade 1-3

Macedonian Language Grade 4 - 5

Yoga for Parents