Physical Education 6
Students continue to develop locomotor and non-locomotor skills using a variety of equipment. They then apply these skills to specific game activities in a variety of areas, such as territorial games, or innovative and co-operative games. Through game activities, students learn cooperation, etiquette, fair play, and an understanding of rules and strategies. Students apply their running, jumping, and throwing skills in activities such as track and field, target activities, and individual manipulatives. Students focus on developing personal training programs to improve and analyze performance, and may participate in combative activities, such as self-defense, marital arts, or wrestling.
Physical Education 7
Activity-specific motor skills and strategies are developed through small and large group activities, and as partners or individuals. Students in Grade 7 and 8 demonstrate an increasing ability to perform specific motor skills and game strategies. Appropriate competitive and fair-play behavior should be reinforced. Students begin to refine and analyze running, jumping, and throwing skills through participation in track and field, target activities, individual manipulatives, and individually planned training programs. Through exposure to a variety of individual and dual activities, students set personal goals that will enhance their well-being.
Physical Education 8
Through various game activities students develop individual and group skills, techniques, strategies, and body and space awareness. Activity-specific motor skills, taught in progression, provide the basis for skill development in all game activities. Students use movement concepts and skills as a basis for creating their own competitive or cooperative games. Through individual and dual activities, students develop throwing, running, and jumping skills that provide the foundation for a lifelong involvement in athletics (track and field), combative (self-defense, martial arts), or training programs (aerobics, cycling), or target activities (bowling, archery, curling).