Fine Arts 6
The philosophy of the sixth grade Art program is that anyone can learn to draw. This is done by way of focus on easy conceptual groundwork in depicting three dimensional objects on paper. Basic coordination will be taught for successful implementation of a variety of media employed. Projects for the year include a study of tessellations, still-life painting, printmaking, ink drawings, the use of a ruler and T-square in drawing, and a bas-relief sculpture. The class works on a collaborative project that becomes a permanent part of the school d├ęcor. The class covers a topic in Art History. Field trips to the local museums are also included
Fine Arts 7
The program fosters perceptual and creative thinking through projects. Various drills and exercises in drawing are implemented. As students develop their drawing techniques and methods, there is an in-depth study of architecture, perspective, batik, shading, and volume drawing.. Throughout the year, there will be an emphasis on observing the world around us, understanding perspective and practicing drawing skills to record those observations. The class covers a topic in Art History. Field trips to the local museums are also included.
Fine Arts 8
The art program in 8th grade focuses on the skills needed for accurate and realistic drawing. A variety of perspective systems are demonstrated and used. Outline drawing is explored through cartooning, still life and portrait drawing. Shading skills are reviewed and developed through studies of complex geometric solids, plaster casts and monochromed still life objects.