Mathematics 6
This is a comprehensive course, which provides students with a strong foundation in key mathematical concepts and skills. It covers basic operations with whole numbers, decimal numerals, and fractions and percents. Introduction to statistics, data organization and graphs is included. The course also extends the students’ knowledge of geometry using patterns, formulas, geometric transformations in a plane and measurements. Students adopt the concept of a coordinate plane and develop skills for solving coordinate geometric problems. Functions are introduced informally. Counting techniques and probability are introduced on a basic level.
Mathematics 7
Topics covered in the 7th grade math program include operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, approximations, real numbers, rates, ratios and percentages. Students also learn how to salve problems involving financial transactions, basic geometry (with lines, angles and polygons), symmetries and nets of solid figures, area and perimeter, volume, surface area, similarity and congruence. Open sentences and equations, algebraic expressions, probability, data analysis, and statistics are also covered in grade 7.
Mathematics 8
The course presents a full range of topics needed for successful preparation for the study of Algebra and Geometry. The following topics are included: basic operations, evaluation of mathematical expressions, rational numbers (fractions, mixed numbers and decimals), ratio, proportion and percent, exponents and square roots, geometry, signed numbers, equations and applied problems, and introduction to statistics.