Grade 1 DANCE
Through dance, students learn to demonstrate body awareness when performing dance activities. Moving safely through space while creating movement sequences with or without music is the main theme throughout the year. Basic dance steps alone and with others are learned in each class.
Grade 2 DANCE
In continuation from the previous year, students learn to respond to a variety of stimuli to create movement sequences alone and with others. Basic dance steps and patterns are taught and the students are encouraged to demonstrate those steps and patterns using locomotor and non-locomotor skills.
Grade 3 DANCE
Using the locomotor and non-locomotor skills acquired from the previous years, students learn to perform simple movement sequences using elements of body and space awareness, qualities, and relationships.
Grade 4 DANCE
Students are encouraged to use the creative process to develop dance patterns, alone and with others. Basic dance steps and patterns are reviewed and supplemented. The performing of simple movement sequences enrich body and space awareness.
Grade 5 DANCE
In continuation from previous years, students reinforce and enhance their creative process by developing dance sequences. They are also introduced to a variety of dance forms (hip hop, jazz, folk). Students also learn to perform more complex movement sequences using the elements of body awareness, space awareness, qualities and relationships.