17 March 2023

Personal Project Exhibition 2023 - Bisera

Nature Lover to Start Organic Honey Production 🍯

🐝The pandemic period spent in the village of Mavrovo and her love for nature and bees' vital role in the global ecosystem inspired our 10th-grade student to start a project about organic honey production. However, our LSS student has not only commenced with her Personal Project academic requirement at school but has contributed to the launch of the family business entirely dedicated to honey production and other 100% natural bee products.

🌿The Personal Project is the activity crowning the personal learning experience within the IB MYP programme where students research a topic or idea of their choice. This activity implies setting clear goals and precise planning, as well as defining success criteria indicators to evaluate the project’s outcome. The project is to be evaluated through the approaches to learning (ATL) perspective and how it ultimately impacts the student’s learning process.

Watch the video to see how our talented learner is implementing her personal goals and ideas👇: