14 March 2023

NOVA 10th-grade Students Visit the French Institute to Learn about the World of Francophonie

🇫🇷As part of their study unit Communications, Media, and Literature, our 10th graders paid a visit to the French Institute in Skopje, where they were presented with all of the nations in the World using the French language, and participated in an interactive workshop.

🔎During the workshop, they researched famous French authors such as Balzac, Hugo, Baudelaire, Verne, and Prévert, as well as prominent publications, newspapers, and magazines, such as Figaro, Le Monde, Rire, and others. Their research work was presented during class, where students shared their experiences and ideas of what they had learned during the visit.

🎬Previously, NOVA’s 9th and 10th-grade students attended a French gala film night at cinema Millenium when the two-Ceaser winner film A Plein Temps was screened, with speeches held by the French and Swiss ambassadors.

Check out the photo gallery from the event on the following link