30 January 2023

NOVA 5th Graders Learn Classical Waltzes Practically and Interactively

💃10-year-olds Luka Dimovski and Ana Kolevska, members of the “Ritam +” dance studio, paid a visit to our 5th graders and showed them how to dance the English and the Viennese waltz professionally. 🕺

🎼 The lesson demonstrated the dancing technique while comparing the two types of ballroom dances; the aim is to learn and practice the importance of partner skills, the following-leading routine, the slow and fast rhythm, and the characteristics of each specific dance. Moreover, the students focused on appropriate footwork, spatial orientation, and correct body posture while performing. Questions were being asked and answered, and dancing inspiration filled the entire ES auditorium.

👉#NOVAInternationalSchools makes learning fun and useful, enriched by applied examples and best practices!

Check out the photo gallery from the event on the following link