30 January 2023

Third Graders Create The Wall of Kindness to Tackle Bullying

🫶 A project based on anti-bullying developed by third-grade students focuses on raising awareness about bullying and encouraging our young learners to find different ways to make a positive change. The students came up with the idea of setting up the Wall of Kindness as a reminder of the harmful consequences caused by bullying and of appropriate and acceptable behavior.

🌍The project was part of the study unit “Sharing the Planet,” which represents an exploration of our rights and responsibilities as we try to share finite resources with other people; as well as an inquiry into the notion of communities and the relationships within and between them, such as access to equal opportunities, peace, and conflict resolution.

👉#NOVAInternationalSchool implements a transdisciplinary approach to learning. The central idea in this specific unit was that, globally, children face various challenges and risks related to their rights to a healthy and safe environment.