26 January 2023

Festivities for Lunar New Year at NOVA Have Commenced!

With a set of different activities best depicting the Chinese 15-day celebration of the Lunar New Year, the observance of this important annual turning point took place at NOVA. Upper Secondary students were able to learn about the traditions surrounding the celebration of the beginning of spring where the whole family is involved, starting from designing paper-cut decorations to placing lanterns and posting blessings and good-luck wishes posters on front doors.

🎆 Setting off fireworks and firecrackers is an inevitable part of the celebration since it is believed that loud noise and red colors will scare away the legendary monster that, according to the legend, would attack villagers at the start of every new year. Grandparents give money to their nieces and nephews in decorated red envelopes; food such as chicken and fish is prepared and consumed believed to bring good luck, and respect is also paid to elder or deceased family members. 🥢

🏮The detailed presentation was followed by a calligraphy workshop conducted by Chinese language teacher from the #ConfuciusInstitute in Skopje, and a presentation of tai chi ch'üan and southern broadsword kung fu wushu was rendered by the members of the #Taiminggong organization specialized in martial arts. At #NOVAInternationalSchools, diversity is not just a statement but an integral part of our learner community!

Checkl out the photo gallery from the event on the following link