25 January 2023

NOVA’s PTA Morning Coffee Focuses on Bullying and Ways to Tackle It

👩‍🏫 An interactive workshop and an in-depth presentation on the forms of bullying, its consequences, and the proposed ways forward how to handle it in the learning environment was the focal point of the latest PTA morning coffee gathering, facilitated by the NOVA student support services team.

📌Bullying is identified as a pressing issue faced by students around the globe and research suggests that the best way to tackle it is to develop a collaborative model where students, friends, teachers, and parents work together involved, in addressing concerns, thus avoiding more severe outcomes, such as anxiety and depression.

📌Moreover, an open discussion took place where school counselors and parents shared strategies to support children best. Also, a distinction was made between the types of bullying, stressing the dangers associated with the current trend of cyberbullying and harassment. An important point was made about why it happens, i.e., as a coping mechanism for children with an unaddressed specific existential need. NOVA provides continuous support for its parents and faculty related to its students’ most pressing issues, providing coping practices.

Check out the photo gallery from the event on the following link