15 November 2022

CEESA fall soccer tournament 2022

NOVA soccer boys team had an intense CEESA Soccer Tournament in Istanbul.  The trip to Istanbul was safe and comfortable, and after 12 hour's drive, the team arrived at the hotel in Istanbul. 

On the first day, after the starting ceremony, our boys had a great start with two wins, both high in goal difference against the International School of Latvia and the International School of Belgrade. On the second day of the tournament, we suffered several injuries, and it was impossible to keep up the same pace in the following games.  Consequently, we lost two games in a row by the international schools from Warsaw and the first team from Bucharest. On the final day of the tournament, despite the injuries, the challenging weather conditions, and the great 40km/h wind gusts, our team managed to finish 3rd by winning 2:1 against the second team from Bucharest.

Our players, Damjan Koneski and Petar Projkovski, were selected for the "All-Star Team," meaning two of the 12 best players in the tournament. The trophy was a big reward for our team's dedication and energy spent on the soccer pitch for the whole season. Thank you for watching the games through the live stream and for your endless support. Until next soccer season!

Check out the photo gallery from the tournament on the following link