26 September 2022

PreK 3 September Activities

We do many exciting activities with our children. We were introduced to each other at the start of our school year, saying our names. We played a game where we passed the ball to someone else who needed to say their name. Preschoolers love this icebreaker game because they get to play with a ball as they learn others’ names.

The children love playing in the dirt; it helps them develop tactile skills with sensory play. Mud play and other outdoor activities give children fresh air, exercise, and sunlight. Mud play is a teaching tool that can help children boost creativity, imagination, independent learning, and teamwork.

We are focused on teaching children manners and developing friendships. Preschool is the age when children start making friends and building relationships with their peers. By sharing experiences and feelings, children learn how to meet their social needs. We made a colorful Friendship Wreath.

Check out the photo gallery from the activities on the following link