5 September 2022

10 and 20 years of service recognitions

NOVA is proud of its tradition of recognizing the vital work of faculty and staff during their time with the school. This year we were proud to recognize four staff members for their 10 years, and six staff members for their 20 years of service and dedication. During their time with the school, they inhabited various roles ranging from Early Education and Elementary homeroom, PE and Economics teachers, to maintenance and security. Some have remained in their original role from day one, while others have filled a variety of positions. One thing that has been a constant for all is their ability to continuously grow and find the motivation to give their best, fully embodying the school’s mission to “Seek self and others, in heart and mind, unafraid of the possibilities.” Without their contribution, etched within the foundations of the school,  we would not have evolved to our current form, ready to celebrate a hallmark of our own, the 25th anniversary. 

Check out the photo gallery from the event on the following link