4 July 2022

Third Week of Summer Camp

The last week of NOVA Summer Camp went as smoothly as the previous two. The Blue Dolphins, Yellow Tigers, and Red Lynxes relished in another week of athletic and challenging activities, pushing their boundaries, getting outside of their comfort zones, while swimming, kayaking, double ropping, laser hunting, ziplining in the Adventure park, partaking in a multitude of water activities at the Aqua Park, and even being paid a visit by a US fire marshall, learning about fire safety. The Green Happy Frogs continued to enjoy a vast array of fun and educational activities which provided endless entertainment, leaving no opportunities for boredom. Campers used these three weeks to create new friendships, solidifying existing ones, while building further trust and confidence amongst each other. This is another hallmark of the NOVA Summer Camp program, which is more than just fun and excitement for our campers. We’re already excited about what next year’s Summer Camp has in store. 

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