10 June 2022

Visit to the Ethnological museum

To close our last unit of the school year, which dealt with family relations from a psychological, sociological and anthropological standpoint, Individuals and Societies teachers Vera Hadji-Pulja and Gaetan Hulot invited a group of 10-grade students to the ethnological section of the Museum of Macedonia, in Skopje. Our guide, Mr Vlado, led us through the varied customs and traditions of traditional Macedonia during a one-hour visit. Among other things, we discovered wedding dresses and costumes, and all the embroidery prepared by the bride for that special day. We were introduced to the numerous differences between houses from various regions. We saw the replicas of rooms where poor, middle-class, and rich families used to live. After the visit, the group went to drink some fresh lemonade in the Old Bazaar. 

Check out the photo gallery from the event on the follwing link