31 May 2022

IB Group 4 project

The group 4 project is a mandatory interdisciplinary activity for all Diploma Programme science students who analyze a common topic or problem in the realm of sciences. This year, all juniors within the Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Sport Exercise and Health Science classes participated in activities related to sports analysis. Some of the students' projects included measuring exhaled carbon dioxide, salivary pH level, blood pressure and heart rate before and after exercise; the students investigated how distance, static and dynamic exercise affect accuracy in sports; they measured projectile motion with different sport equipment, in addition to measuring coefficient of restitution of sport balls. The students  collected and analysed the data from the investigations, and then used the data within the laboratory reports. Finally, the dedication and collaboration of the DP science teachers and the additional assistance of the administration team were instrumental throughout the entire process.

Check out the photo gallery from the event on the following link