20 May 2022

MYP Y2 End Modern Slavery

During the interdisciplinary unit  ” Imperialism, Historical Commodities ”, MYP Year 2 students in I&S and ELL class,  investigated in-depth the statement of inquiry and learned how certain commodities led to interconnection and struggles for power in the world during the Age of Imperialism. Students made connections with current events and, as critical thinkers, investigated the casualties of recent conflicts from different perspectives, modern imperialism, and slavery. They found out that contemporary slavery takes various forms and affects people of all ages, gender,  and races around the world. Using their knowledge and understanding of the challenges of the fight against slavery, ELL students enthusiastically participated in the Socratic Seminar listening closely to the ideas of their classmates and thinking critically for themselves. In addition, they wrote research-based speeches and contributed to a class compilation speech raising awareness in the community about modern slavery. In Dance class through exploring the unit “Activism as a dance form”, they came up with their own choreography based on the speech. Using dancing as a powerful medium and tool, students expressed emotion and protest against this social injustice. They also came up with the production elements of the video: research, outfits, and venue/place organization.

Most importantly, our students combined and applied their knowledge, skills, and understanding from all three subjects to call for action and invoke change in the world, through dance activism: End Slavery, Now. 

We are proud to see our students as active global citizens for a better world!