5 May 2022

CEESA High School Mathematics Competition

This year's CEESA High School Mathematics competition was held online with Nova International School being the host and organizer. A total of eight schools participated (Nova-Skopje, AAS-Moscow, AS-Warsaw, AA-Sofia, IS-Helsinki, Istanbul-ICS, AIS-Zagreb, Tirana-IS) with over 90 students in the individual competition and 24 teams in the team competition. Nova participated with a total of four teams, two senior (grades 11-12) and two junior (grades 9-10). Our junior teams managed to secure the second and fourth place, and one of our senior teams ultimately placed fifth. Two of our students secured 5th and 12th place in the individual competition.

Over the course of these last three months, we managed to keep the interest in math on a very high level, especially having in mind that there were no in-person competitions taking place. Students from all over the Eastern and Central Europe competed in multiple rounds and solved a multitude of problems in all possible forms, long-procedures, proofs, short-answer, and multiple-choice questions. Yet, the most interesting part was the Countdown round conducted via Zoom where students competed in real-time. Hope to see everyone next year in an in-person competition.

Check out the photo gallery from the event on the following link