6 December 2021

Winter Clothes Donations

The year is almost over, and colder winter days are nearing. Now is the time to clean out our closets and donate our unworn winter clothing pieces, which I am sure take up a considerable portion of everyone's storage space, to children and mothers in Shuto Orizari. 

In collaboration with Sumnal, we are collecting jackets, sweaters, cardigans, long-sleeve shirts, pants, jeans, scarfs, gloves, socks, etc., in all sizes applicable for mothers and their children (boys and girls). Note that the donated clothing may be worn and used, yet, still, it should be clean and in good condition appropriate for use. New clothing donations are also welcomed. 

The donation period starts today, December 6th, and ends on December 14th. Please bring your donations latest by the 14th! The drop-off location is the HS Auditorium

Let us put the week to a good start by donating for the children and mothers in Shuto Orizari! Give your old clothes a second life!