19 November 2021

Behavior Lessons

NOVA Elementary Principal, Ms. Stacy Sherman, spent time in the role of teacher this past week as she introduced students in third, forth, and fifth grades  to the section in the NOVA Student/Parent Handbook on Code of Behavior.  Students enjoyed working in teams of two as they read, and sorted behaviors into three levels. Along the way, students were learning new vocabulary, as well as the Rights and Responsibilities they have as students, and what behaviors they should avoid.  The students engaged in deep conversations with each other as they read through the behaviors and made collaborative decisions as to which level they felt the behaviors should be placed. In the end, the students were excited to have Ms. Sherman be their teacher for an hour and they are looking forward to her coming back in the near future to do other lessons.  Even students on DL were involved in the activities. For Ms. Sherman, she was thrilled to teach again and spend time in each classroom. Her hope is that students will know and understand that each person has a right to an education in an environment that is safe to do so; and that each of us has a responsibility to make it happen.  

Check out the photo gallery from the event on the following link