8 November 2021

FemTalks with the acclaimed and best-selling Macedonian author, Rumena Buzarovska

On Saturday, Nov 6, the NOVA Feminist Club kickstarted their panel series titled FemTalks with the acclaimed and best-selling Macedonian author, Rumena Buzarovska.

The goal of FemTalks panels is to bring feminist discourse and feminist topics closer to the NOVA community. We want the wider audience to be engaged with feminist discussions, just as we do during our club meetings. The first FemTalk panel focused on the topic of Women in Literature and we are thrilled and extremely thankful to Ms. Buzarovksa for accepting our invitation. Storytelling is an important part of culture, and we find that in the Balkans, the stories that shape our culture are almost entirely told from a male perspective. This fact seeps into every sphere of life and only exacerbates the issues that women face every day in this region. Precisely for this reason, author Rumena Buzarovska is a revolutionary figure, as a woman writer who has gained success in the region and globally and who has managed to amass an audience who will listen to stories that are unique to women in Macedonia and the region.

The panel was led by the president of the NOVA Feminist Club, Adora Limani and special thanks goes to panelists: Galena Jovanoska, Andrea Mojsoska, and Nina Kostadinoska for their insightful questions. The full discussion will be shared on our youtube channel soon, so stay tuned.