23 August 2021

Meet Heidi Freeman our new ES Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher

I am Heidi Freeman, the new 5th grade teacher. My family and I have just moved from The Netherlands where my husband, Justin, and I were teaching at the American School of the Hague for six years. I have been teaching since 1996 in both private and public schools in New Hampshire and Utah as well as at the International School of Prague in the Czech Republic.

I'm an avid reader and passionate about literacy and fostering a reading life in my students. I enjoy getting to know people and I am known as a talker! I love to take photographs and travel as much as possible. We have two daughters, Iris is in 9th grade here at Nova and Sage in 7th grade. We have been living in a very flat country and we are thrilled to be in this beautifully mountainous country where we plan to do lots of hiking, skiing, swimming, biking and exploring! We love winter, snow and cold temps so this extreme summer heat is definitely an adjustment for us.

When we tell people where we are moving to, not many people know where Macedonia is and they have to look it up on a map. As we explore the Balkans we hope to broaden not only our experiences, but those of our family and friends. I wish you all a great school year and I look forward to meeting you soon!