19 April 2021

'Spring Closet Clean Out'

As we welcome spring, clearing out our wardrobes is an activity each of us partakes in, to get ready for the upcoming warm weather. Often, we find ourselves with not enough space for new clothing items, or digging up garments we know we won't be wearing in the future. In these situations, getting rid of the excess clothes would be the logical solution. Yet, choosing the right way to dispose of them can make a great difference.

The 'Spring Closet Clean Out' will help you make the right decision. During the following two weeks, from 19th April (Monday) until 3rd May (Monday) we call upon NOVA students, faculty and staff to clean out your closet for spring time and help the community and the environment, by donating your unneeded clothes to those in need (with the help of The Red Cross), instead of leaving them to end up in landfills. The choice is yours to make.

If you want to join NOVA student Lana Mladenovikj in this activity from which you too will benefit, bring your spare clothes and/or shoes (in good condition) to school and leave them in the box at the: HS Auditorium, HS Security Desk any day from 19th April until 3rd May.

*Any type of clothing of any size (for adults/children) is welcome. Please make sure the clothes are in suitable condition for wearing.